TPS Celebrates Pride Month
Tacoma Public Schools

Tacoma Public Schools strongly supports the universal values of kindness and respect and works to build positive, safe, welcoming and inclusive environments which enables all students to thrive. That work shows up in intentional efforts to bring diverse representation, experiences and perspectives into classroom literature. This year, a team of teachers - along with Teaching Humanity - worked to select supplemental books and lessons for our elementary social-emotional learning curriculum to encourage sincere empathy, and inspire service and justice in communities.

Books have the power to be both mirrors and windows for our students. As mirrors they allow students to see themselves and their own experiences represented, validating and affirming their identity and self-worth. As windows, books open worlds beyond their own experiences, allowing them to learn about and celebrate differing identities, interests and families.

The LGBTQA+ book lists from the Tacoma Public Library include books for every level and for every reader. Please consider sharing some of these books with your family to spark conversations, help you question stereotypes and promote acceptance for LGBTQA+ folks in our community.

(Thank you to the students at Jefferson Elementary for contributing their Pride Month art!)

Pride month art